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need help ASAP from Tori fans!

Hi. So....tonight there is this karoke contest for a decent amount of cash prizes. I'm quite poor. One of the categories is SINGER LOOKALIKE/SOUNDALKE. I am a singer pianist. I've been doing shows for 13 years. However, in the past 5 years or so I get constant comparisons sound wise to Tori. So I have decided to utilize this for tonight's contest. I'm posting this in here because I'm hoping that genuine EWF can find me a picture very soon and either post it here or email it to me


because I'm going to have to go wig shopping since what I actually look like at this point is more Bettie Page than Tori. I've been dyeing my red hair blue black the past couple years to quell some of the "God you copy Tori, bitch" hatred that I've encountered online. So find me a good Tori hair pic please please please with sugar on top that I can print out and take to the wig store with me!

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